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Open Voice/Open Heart – for Students
Open Voice – Open Heart is my philosophy and method of breaking through the barriers of sound and silence. Each person adds the gift of their individuality to the music we hold in common trust, and I am always excited to help people bring new creations into being.

Workshops and classes are available for individuals, small groups, or community organizations. I have done team building for organizations (for example, Contra Costa Community Services), using body percussion and voice. In the Spring of 2004, I led a drum circle for Welfare to Work participants, offering creative expression through drums and voice, which was a wonderful break for these hard-working folks. I have taught for the last 8 years at Camp It Up – a family camp in Northern California. My workshops include drumming, body percussion, chi kung, and instrument building from recycled materials for children and adults.

Open Voice Open Heart is based on the simple premise that we each have a unique voice – one that helps us identify who we are as individuals, and can also show us how to inhabit our space in communities. This voice contains our deepest feelings, our spiritual longings, our hopes and fears, our wisdom and our truths. The sound of the voice marks the birth of a newborn child. The voice is an innovative vehicle we can use to help process and integrate our lives – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Toning is a system of healing that utilizes vowel sounds to alter vibrations in every cell of the body. Toning is an ancient form of vocalizing that involves producing long vowel sounds on 1 note – with no melody or rhythm. Different vowels and different pitches vibrate at distinctive frequencies and can be used to stimulate the brain as well as reduce pain in specific areas of the body. Through toning, one is able to release stress and access deeper creativity. Toning strengthens the speaking voice and provides the body with gentle internal massage. Toning clears the mind, opens the heart and invigorates the spirit.
  • Explore and develop your unique voice with the use of breathwork, rhythm, vocal toning and movement.
  • Generate healing of body, mind and spirit.
  • Recover full potential for self-expression through full use of the voice.
  • Focus on breath and voice with multi-level techniques, releasing creative blocks and encouraging emotional healing.
Each individual’s needs are carefully assessed to provide an environment that is safe and nurturing. Debbie’s work empowers each participant with the information necessary to generate self-healing, access creativity and maximize personal potential.